Wednesday, April 10, 2013

General Conference Review: President Boyd K. Packer

In order to remember all the great things I learned at conference and to "catch the wave" of missionary work I am going to review the conference talks one by one. Yay! So first up is President Boyd K Packer from the Saturday Morning session.

President Packer's poem is so full of insight and wit. From his poem I learned that I need to appreciate the joys of youth and use my time wisely, while at the same time I do not need to fear old age. When I am 88 I want to be able to testify of eternal truths as powerfully as President Packer did in conference. While at this point in my life I can say I know Jesus Christ lives and is our savior, and I can say I have received a witness from the Holy Ghost that Jesus Christ's church has been restored and the Book of Mormon is a true account of the Savior's divinity,  I also know there is still room for increased understanding and application of this truth. The poem made me wonder how I can get from here to there in 64 years. Later in the talk President Packer talks about keeping the companionship of the Holy Ghost and learning how to receive and act on inspiration. I think that will be a vital part of my quest.

During his address President Packer shares a personal account involving local birds and a snake who invaded their nest. Through this story President Packer gave us an apostolic warning and invitation to strengthen our homes and families. The adversary is real and dangerous and attacking the family. President Packer taught us that Satan's goal is to weaken and destroy the family.  I know this is true. In the media and even in politics there are people who are designing and plotting to destroy the family. Of course these people are not going to come out and say it. They are tricky and will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to believe even just one lie. President Packer teaches that Satan tempts us to misuse our moral agency.
God has revealed his will through prophets, ancient and modern, concerning the family and it's utmost importance in the eternal plan of salvation for God's children. I have been so blessed by having a father and a mother who love me and each other and who work to make a Christ-centered home. I love how President Packer describes the role of fathers and mother, who can create a refuge for their children from the weary world. I hope I can be this kind of mother.
"There are few things more powerful than the faithful prayers of a righteous mother"

"Tolerance is a virtue, but like all virtues, when exaggerated, transforms itself into vice." I love this! President Packer shares the story of Jesus Christ telling the woman accused of adultery to "go and sin no more". This story is one of tolerance and mercy and forgiveness but it does not mean it's ok to commit adultery. We cannot justify sin in the name of tolerance. President Packer tells us that spiritual consequences have always and will always accompany breaking God's law of chastity even if the laws of land permit it. I think this principle very much applies recent themes in government and the media. Breaking the law of chastity, or any other commandment really, destroys families. (For more information on The Law of Chastity click here)
"Be careful of the tolerance trap."

President Packer also mentions some wonderful simple truths from the Plan of Salvation.
We are spirit children of Heavenly Parents.
We have been sent to earth to be tested and to gain a mortal body.
Spirits with mortal bodies have power over beings who do not.
We are free to choose our acts, but we are not free to choose the consequences.

I know these things are true and that President Packer is an apostle of Jesus Christ and we will be blessed by acting on the counsel he gives us. Someways we can apply this conference talk to our lives might be praying daily for the companionship of the Holy Spirit, starting or improving regular Family Home Evening, sharing your testimony of the Plan of Salvation with a friend, studying Virtue and Chastity in the scriptures, and/or recording in your journal goals and plans for strengthening your home and family.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Dear family,

i am glad you had a fun time all together with out me. It sounds
like it was fun.

This week was super great. There seems to be this trend that
happens in a missionary's life. Whenever they are having a hard time
with a "trial" of somekind the works seems to go better. I think it
has something to do with relying more on the Lord. So this week i kind
of had a dard time with my companion but as I relyed more on the Lord
we actually ended up doing some pretty great missionary work. So that
was good. So in our little ward of mokdong last week one of our
missionary's came home. He served in the Korea Busan mission and was
an AP for a little bit. So it is just a little bit nerve racking
having this returned missionary lookin over your shoulder. But so far
so good. He is fellowshipping all of our investigators and really
trying to strengthen the ward. It has been really interesting watching
him readjust, and well actually it has been really scary. At this
point I can not really imagine myself going back to , as my companion
calls it, civilian life. she was in the army for 2years. It was so
wierd seing him in stylish jeans and with a new cell phone and all the
worldly stuff. It just made me sick knowing I will have to do that
someday. it is too scary. I feel very secure and safe in my missionary
world and I don't want to leave it. So ya, that was my glipse of
future I saw this week.
Our investigators are really having a hard time reading and praying
about the Book of Mormon. Whether we anwser their questions or not it
won't matter until they recieve that confirmation about from the Holy
Ghost that the Book is True. I know it is true. Maybe I need to
increase my testimony and studyof the Book of Mormon. I know we cannot
convert others beyond our own conversion. Thank you for all your
prayers. I know you all love me. i hope you had a happy valentines
day. Mine was ok. Just trying to spread the love out here in Korea.
Today was our temple day. :] It was good. This week we will get to
seee Elder Cook. I pray our investigators will come. I love you all so
much. i always tell everyone about my family. Because my family is the
reason I am out here doing this.

Sister Kincheloe

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hey guys it's Kelly Sorry ive been slacking on Emilys Letters!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!
Wow. I never knew Christmas in Korea could be so fun. We had My birthday which was awesome and then a Mission Christmas Party, A Baptism/Ward Christmas Party, Christmas PDay where I got to talk to beloved family, and then Church on Sunday where my two little boys got confirmed. It was full of miracles. Plus our investigator whose wife has been opposing his baptism came to my birthday party and to the ward Christmas party. Thanks to all our prayers and yours her heart is softening. I love you all so much. I know Jesus Christ truely was born in a little Stable. He was born and He lived to show us the path back to our loving Heavenly Father. During Christmas time my companions and I shared the scripture 2Nephi 31:9 with all our investigators and members. It says that Jesus Christ is our perfect example. I know the scriptures are true. I am so grateful to be here in Korea sharing the marvelous message of his life and miracles with God's beloved Korean sons and daughters. It was such a miracle being with my 2 beautiful companions and having a baptism together. When we talked on the phone I gave you all a commitment to refer one person to the missionaries before I get home. I know there are prepared people all around you. And I know that as you do missionary work you will be greatly blessed. God loves all his Children and wants them all to recieve the blessings that come form the Atonement. This is a season for giving and there is nothing better to give than the gospel. I love you all so much. It was so great talking with you. My companions cannot stop talking about their stockings. they are so grateful especially for the tooth paste. I loved my boxes - Christmas and Birthday. It was everything I wanted. You were inspired family. Great job. Just think I can talk to you again in like 5 months for mother's day. Be happy and keep giving out those Books of Mormon.

May all your holidays be bright!

-Love Sister Kincheloe

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Dear Family!
Hello! Wow, today was such a wonderful day! Today we went to the temple : ) It was so wonderful. I felt like I was at home and I could just stop and think. So peaceful. My trainer finished her mission last transfer (so like a week ago) but she came to the temple today to see all of us missionaries. It was so wierd that she wasn't a missionary. She was wearing heels, had no name tag and had a cell phone. So wierd. My lovey beautiful Sister Lee is gone : ( But it was so good to see her again. I love her alot. She was such a good trainer and I know I didn't appreciate her while I had her. I hear that happens alot with greenies and their trainers. But anyways such a good day at the temple. I love my threesome!!!!! They are seriously so awesome. Such rockstars. Our 1st day together we set a goal to not stress out because I guess their last few transfers have been a little stressful too. So that is our goal and so far we have stuck to it. They are both so good to me. Sister Belen has been in country about 9 months. She is from St. George Utah. She goes to SUU and studies social work. She was the first Sister missionary I met in Korea because she was my trainer's companion right before my trainer got me and at the mission home she walked in the door first so I met her first. She is so great. She is so funny and so beautiful. And also she is pretty good at Korean. She hasn't had as many Korean companion's as I have so she had to learn alot on her own. She is such a hard worker. I think it is good for me because I can see how an American missionary does the work and is successful. So far I have only seen how Korean's do it and I think there are some differences that will help me be successful becuase as I have been discovering, I am not Korean and I cannot do the work like a Korean becuase I am simply not Korean. So Ya, I love Sister Belen. Like a lot. I hope I can be a good companion for her. The third part to our lovely American Missionary Pie is Sister Marchant! Oh how I love Sister Marchant. She is from Holladay Utah. She goes to BYU and studies advertising. Her parents recently returned from Indonesia where they served as Mission President. She was in the mtc with me!!! She is one transfer ahead of me. I am so excited to be serving with her as well. i seriously am the luckiest missionary ever. It is so fun working with them.
The work is still continuing even without sister Jung. She has been the brains of this opperation here in Sanggye for over 7 months now. So of course the transition is a little rough but because we made the goal that we wouldn't stress out have been able to go along with out freaking out. I love you all. I know this is God's work. I know the Book of Mormon is true and through the Book of Mormon miracles can happen. Be happy!
Sister Kincheloe

Monday, November 8, 2010


Dear Family!
Sorry I am a day late. Yesterday was so busy. Well actually this whole week has been busy. It has been the most successful week of my whole mission. I was a little down last week but it has all changed so fast. We had an awesome zone conference where I realized that it hurts to change. Lol, Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father feel lots pain because of the wickedness of the people. In 3 Nephi it says Jesus Christ groaned and cried because they were so wicked. So pain is just a part of deal. So I am excepting my pain and that is that. Well, then also this week I passed off. I am now a senior! Ahhh! Ya, I'm a little freaked out, but its ok. Well here is the most exciting part....
I love baptism. So on Saturday Choi Go Bong was baptized and then on Sunday Kim Hee Su was baptized and they were both confirmed. I love them both so much! We are eternally linked. They are so special to me. I know God has eard my prayers concerning them and has blessed me and Sister Jung to do this work. Hee Su's whole family cam to church on sunday too. Her is super less-active, like never been active and her dad is not a member. But becuase of Hee Su (she's 8) they are going to start coming to church! Not every week they said, but hey once a month is a start. and Her dad has been talking about a baptismal date hehehe. Soon they will be sealed in the temple I just know it. And of course my Choi Go(it means best) Choi Go Bong is already the most awesome member missionary. we had FHE with our ward yesterday and he came and was so nice.
Sad news though... Sister Jung is getting transfered : (
I'm really sad because we are so close and she is so wonderful. But I am excited for her to move on. She has been here for 7 transfers. And my new companions are Sister Belen and Sister Marchant. Hehehe yep, I'll be in a threesome again. Yea! I am pretty sure this one will work out better than the last one. If you don't remember I was in a threesome in the MTC and it was a little difficult. But I love these sisters so much. They are rockstar hard working missionaries and we are going to turn Sanggae into the city of Zion.
Well I love you all so much. Thank you so much for all your support and love. Be happy!
I know this church is true and through our baptismal covenant we can always have God's spirit to be with us.
Sister Kincheloe

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Dear Family,
Well, well, well, it has already been another week. Time goes so fast! Can you believe it, tomorrow I will have been in Korea for 5 months!!!! Ahh!!!! Wowzerz and I still can't understand very much. But things are getting better. In my last interview with my mission president he committed me to passing off this transfer and going senior. So I guess I have to grow up and face the music. Anyways, we had a little bit of a sad and depressing day yesterday. Want to hear about it? Well, basically we were going to baptize these two kids who's mom is a less active, we got everything set up and went to their house, we even made presents for them , but when we got to their house they were not there and when my companion called them the mom went all insane on us and said she never agreed to let them get baptized and that she didn't really care about their salvation and that we should have trusted her kids, and blah blah blah. CRAZY! Yes, she is a crazy mom. I am just so grateful that we have a loving kind mom. Everyone should call her and tell her you love her because she is the best mom ever! Also sad thing. Our other investigator - Choi-Go-Bong, whose name means the best, is no longer our best investigator. He called early this week and said his aunt got hurt and he needed to go help her and so he couldn't meet us this week or come to church. And he didn't know if he would be back in time for his baptism. Ahhh!!!! But we are doing ok. We are trying to keep up our faith. We still trust God.... we just don't trust our investigator's moms. But this something I have been pondering alot lately. When something doesn't happen, like a baptism, or something does happen, like an investiagtor going awal, how do I know when it is because I don't have enough faith and when it is simple God's will? All thoughts would be appreciated.
In other news, Sister Leishman is doing better since her Surgery and we are actually going on exchanges next week! Yeah! I'm way excited. Her companion will come to my area and I will go to their area. My companion and I think it is because Sister Kil (Sister Leishman's companion) is going to move to Sanggae and be my new companion next transfer. I guess we will see. I love my companion so much I don't want her to go ㅠㅠ
I love my ward I love my zone and my district. Last pday we went mountain climbing and this week was stake sports day - so I am kinda really sore. I want to send pictures but we are using different computers than normal so I will have to wait till next week. I'm not really sure what we are doing today but we are hanging out with our district doing something. I love you all so much. I know this church is true. Even though people didn't get baptized I am still happy... but at the same time I am sad. My heart hurts becuase there is so much happiness right before these people's eyes and they can't see it and I don't know really how to show it to them. Thank you for all your prayers and love - keep 'em coming. I need all I can get. Be happy my beautiful family. Keep reading the Book of Mormon every day. I will if you will, hehehe. Just kidding, even if you don't, I will, but I hope you will.
BTW, I started making puns in Korean. Pretty cool huh. I love puns. I'll tell you some when I get home.
Love you tons!!
Sister Kincheloe

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Dear Family!
Well, we all knew it had to happen sometime. I've been transfered.
I am now serving in the wonderful Sanggeh Ward of the Dong Stake. It is as far away from MokDong as I could have gone.
On Monday night I recieved a call from president and then wednesday morning at 8am I was with my new companion on the subway bound for Sanggeh. So tuesday was my last day in mokdong. It was sad saying goodbye to all the investigators and members. They have been so wonderful to me and have given me so much service. I really love them like family. I feel like they have served me way more than I have served them. i wish I knew some way to thank them and show how much I love them. That is getting to be one of the hardest things for me. I love these people so much but I don't know how to show my love. It is one of my goals this transfer to show more love.
I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone but I saw a few people and took some pictures. It was hard saying goodbye to Sister Kim too. we had really become like sisters. It is hard to explain but we were just so similar. It was so easy to be together.
Well here is some more exciting news. My new companion is also Korean!!!!!! Yeahhh!!!!! I'm pretty much the luckiest most blessed missionary in the whole world. It is sooooo rare to have 3 Korean companions. Lots of elders never get native companions and lots of sisters too. I love it so much for so many reasons. When I'm with a korean I feel korean. I feel included in all the little inside Korean jokes that foreigners could never get on their own. And they just teach so powerfully and so beautifully. My companion's name is Sister Jung-Ye-Sol. She is from Daejon are of Seoul. She also have 5 kids in her family. She is the oldest. She has one brother on a mission in Canada and one brother preparing to go on a mission and her parents were in charge of the first EFY is Korea. She goes to school at UVU. We discovered that we lived just down the street from each other last year. Crazy! her english is perfect. Better than my trainer's even. She is seriously a superstar missionary. Seriously I am learning so much from her. And this area is amazing. It has the most investigators of the whole mission. When i found out I was coming here I was so scared because I felt like I was going to mess everything up. But my companion assures me that I wont. I really have to trust in the Lord everyday to help me and give me strength. I really am not qualified for this. but somehow, through the power of the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ I make it work and I get the job done. Everyday is a miracle.
At first and even now a little bit I missed mokdong so much. It was such a wierd feeling because I want to love my new area but I don't know how to remember everyone I love in mokdong and love all these new amazing people too. My companion talked to me about it and see said I can love both because Heavenly Father loves everyone so he will help us love everyone too, but I need to focus my attention on what is in front of me. She is right and I am trying to make the adjustment. She is so wonderful.
So I told you about our miracle of miracles, KimYoungRay's baptismal date. Well it happened. He got dunked! His baptism was on the Saturday after transfers. i was soooo sad I wan't going to be able to see it but my super amazing companion prayed that if it was worthy we would be able to go. And it just so happened that our appointment canceled Saturday afternoon and we went to the baptism!!!!! ..... well kind of. We went to Mokdong and we were able to see him before he got baptized but we had to leave right away because we had an appointment that evening. It was so wonderful. Baptism is such a glorious miracle. through Baptism we take upon ourselves the name of Christ and we are able to recieve all the blessings that come from the Atonement. its amazing. Everyone should get baptized.
Well thats about all I think of now. I know lots more has happened and I have already seen so many miracles here in Sanggeh. God has already blessed this area so much. Now we just need to baptize them all ; ) Through the power of God I know we can. Next week we get to see General Conference. I'm excited for it. I hope I get to see it in English but I think I might need to be in the Korean room with our investigators. So we'll see.
I love you all soooo much!!! thank you for all your wonderful letter and support. I love you very much. i carry pictures of you everywhere so alot of random Koreans have seen your face. They think mom is really beautiful, dad is my grandfather, sometimes they think I'm kelly and that spencer is my husband, ooo, some think that robert and charlotte are mom and dad, and some people just think we are the cutest family in the whole world!... which we are ; )
I know this is the Lord's Kingdom on the Earth. So lets build it up.
Love Sister Emily Grace Kincheloe